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How to Stay Connected During Wedding Planning.

Dating During Wedding Planning Registry Essentials

How to Stay Connected During Wedding Planning.

Never stop dating. 

Once you’re engaged, it’s easy to lose sight of everything else in anticipation of the wedding.

After all, your wedding is a huge deal, but your relationship was built by dating—not wedding planning.

Don’t stop dating once you’ve set a date, here’s why: 

Wedding planning can take over and cause stress. 

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so balance is essential to prevent burn out. Of 2,000 couples in a recent survey, 52% found planning stressful. Time spent doing things you both enjoy will not only ward off that stress but keep you connected to each other. 

Plus, you’re only engaged once. Enjoy this special chapter of your relationship while you can. 

Wedding planning will be more fun if it’s not the only thing you do together. 

Wedding planning can be a long process and sustaining any one topic of thought for that long can cause tension. Balance preserves the fun parts!

How to Stay Connected During Wedding Planning.

Integrate wedding planning into larger plans so they’re dates, not chores. If you’re visiting a venue far from home, stay locally for the day: get lunch, shop locally, or go explore. 

It’s easy to associate that stress with your honey if it’s the only thing you discuss and do together. Then, the urge is to distance from them to get distance from the stressor!

Never stop dating.

Instead, continue dating each other during the wedding planning process! Here’s how:

Scale dates back to fit your time, budget, and energy levels.

You might have less free time or funds during wedding planning, that’s okay! Scale dates back, but keep low-key dates intentional. It’s easy for an at-home date to just slip into a Netflix session that isn’t fulfilling.

How to Stay Connected During Wedding Planning.

Instead, try to create a unique experience. Create a home movie theater. Pick a film ahead of time (to avoid the endless search-scroll) and get properly comfy-cute, rather than sweatpants chic. Move cushions to the floor. Add mood lighting. Pop popcorn and stock candies before the movie starts at showtime. The evening is equally low key as ever, but much more memorable. 


Need more ideas? Amore Austin sends a free, customizable date plan perfect for staying home to all, new email subscribers. 

Change your dating style to fit your engaged life. 

Especially if planning is stressful, make dates a break from planning. Try longer-form dates like weekends away with no planning or ban planning talk on date night. You didn’t fall in love with each other because you both love wedding planning. 

If you can’t stop yourself circling back to planning, aim for hands-on, engaging activities. Incorporate honeymoon preparation to get excited about what you’re looking forward to. 

→ If you’re taking a tropical honeymoon, get scuba certified. 

→ If you’re visiting a foreign country, practice the local language. 

→ If you’re honeymooning outside, step up your hiking game now. 

How to Stay Connected During Wedding Planning.

Schedule dates ahead of time and commit. 

Your dates matter; treat them like it. Schedule dates with the same importance as any appointment, even if it’s going to be low-key. Try a recurring date night leading up to your wedding, so you always have that dedicated couple time. 

Use a date planner to enjoy dating without more planning. 

If doing any of that sounds impossible on top of planning a wedding, use a date planner. Amore Austin plans dates that are entirely customized to whatever your style is. We plan an experience, you show up and enjoy. 

To hear more about how a date planner works, schedule a free consultation with Amore Austin.

No matter whatever stress wedding planning brings, remember that a date is simply intentional time spent with someone you love, and there is always time for that.

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