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What Men Want On Their Wedding Registry

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Are you making the assumption that your guy doesn't really care about your wedding registry? Well it’s simply untrue. Men are every bit as excited to hand-pick housewares for their homes, and find home goods that express their personal design taste and home decor style. They are eager for handcrafted, American-made, and items they can personalize.

Before you begin adding product to your registry, we’d like to give you three 'conversation prompts' to help cultivate a fun dialog with your significant other. Finding some answers will help clarify what is important to each of you, and will create a framework for you both to build your wedding registry on.

Discover the way you entertain by taking our quiz below to find your "Entertaining Type." Are you The Host, The Mixer, The Adventurer, The Chef or The Romanic? Remember there are no wrong answers!

What Men Want on Their Wedding Registry Quiz
Now that you’ve taken the quiz and had the "how we entertain" conversation with your betrothed, it is TIME. TO. REGISTER. Based on your quiz answers above, read through the "Entertaining Type" that best describes you below. We will give a little insight into what matters to you while you entertain, and help you navigate the right wedding registry items for someone who entertains like you do. This is a great place for brides and grooms to start if they are feeling a bit overwhelmed.

The Hosts


Larger quantities of dinnerware, flatware and glassware to accommodate your guests. Select multiple patterns, textures and styles of table linens for your different occasions. You will also want to make sure you are stocked on more than one set of serveware. Check out our Registry Checklist. For "The Host" we recommend:

  • 12- 16 dinner place settings

  • 16- 24 cloth napkins in multiple sets

  • 12- 16 flatware sets

  • 16- 24 water glasses

  • 16- 24 of your most served barware glasses (wine, flute, margarita, martini)

  • 3- 6 serving platters

  • 3- 6 medium and large serving bowls

  • 6- 12 serving utensils (salad servers, serving spoons, serving forks)

 The Romantics


Household items that add a personal touch. Look for pieces that can be personalized. For example,

  • have the day you met stamped into the bottom of your glass tumblers,
  • or your new last name etched into your cutting or charcuterie boards,
  • or your initials and wedding date placed on the bottom of your dinnerware.
Pick candlesticks to add light to your cozy dinners at home, or add a FLIKR Fire to your registry for cozying up by the fire. Click to browse all the items you can personalize on The Dowry.
The Mixers


Your. Home. Bar. From the essentials to the accessories.

Add stemware, tumblers, decanters, ice buckets, mixing pitchers, cocktail stirrers, chilling stones and coasters. Check out our Glassware Guide for your home bar. To keep the conversation and games flowing, add a focal point to the casual group like a Flikr Fire or two.

The Chefs


Whether it’s a small, intimate, dinner for two or every chair is full around the dining room table make sure your kitchen is stocked to make your meal prep a breeze. You will want to register in our Kitchen Category for the best cutlery, cooking prep tools, kitchen accessories and cookware. To name a few:

  • Cast Iron Skillet

  • Casserole Flameware

  • Copper Pots and Pans

  • Mixing Bowls

  • Cutlery Set

  • Cutting Boards

  • Spatulas

Make sure your gourmet meal is complimented by intentional tableware and serveware as well!

The Adventurers


Find ways to bring the convenience of inside . . . outside. Register for the unconventional entertaining pieces:

  • A comfortable throw blanket to spread out at the park

  • Pack your wine in a sustainable, re-usable, to-go carrier with cloth napkins for outdoor concerts

  • Add a wood pizza board for outdoor pizza on the grill in your grilling apron

    The best part about your registry at The Dowry is that you can update it anytime you want, you can create a wishlist first, you can manage how and when your gifts ship, and it never expires. Add The Dowry products listed above to make the men in your life excited about their registry!

    It’s time to cast off the stereotypes and embrace the life you want to build together. The Dowry is more than an online wedding registry for women. We have a great selection of home goods and gifts for men, too!

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