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 Add The Right Bar Accessories to Elevate Your Experience.


Over the years, my at-home-bar has evolved like everything else in my house. It started as a stack of red solo cups and a handle of bottom shelf vodka stashed in the freezer.

Now my home bar is on a bar cart in a corner of the kitchen near the pellet ice machine. It has a few rows of pretty bottles, a small collection of glassware, and my mixing tools. But still it’s incomplete. 

Weddings In Houston: Style Guide for Your Home Bar Cart

Wherever your own bar {or bar registry items} lands on the spectrum, I’m guessing, like mine, it could use a few upgrades or suggestions. Or maybe it’s missing something all together?

The Dowry has noticed that most engaged couples are registering and shopping for their home bar items as a main category; much like the “kitchen” category and the “tabletop” category.

Check out these helpful resources, if you’re just starting your home bar:


Six months before your wedding day is the perfect time to create your wedding registries. To help the process seem less daunting, The Dowry created “How-Tos” and checklists based on questions we heard from many of our engaged couples. Click the links below to get headed in the right direction:

  1. Everything You Need For Your Wedding Registries 
  2. Unique Home Goods Grooms Want on Their Registry
  3. Your Bar Guide: Top 20 Essential Glassware + Barware


The Dowry has much more than just the home basics. If you’re ready to elevate your current bar set-up we’ve got you covered. With talented artists from across the country, The Dowry has barware styles that compliment your current aesthetic. Create a home bar that feels personal, functional and of the highest quality.

Are you ready to have a well-stocked bar? Are you ready to become the bartender extraordinaire? First decide what level of bartender you are by reading the sections below. Then select the items that you may be missing to move you up to the next level!

What Level Is Your Home Bar? Level 1, The Gin And Tonic

At this level, you’re combining spirits and mixers together. You want to offer your family and friends more than a cold bottle of craft beer or a nice glass of wine. Consider adding these core bar accessory items to your bar collection and wedding gift registry to give your basic bar the added edge you’re looking for:

Bar Hand Towels bottle openers and corkscrews drink coasters cocktail stir spoons

What Level Is Your Home Bar? Level 2, The Mojito

At this level, you are doing more than measuring and mixing! You’re adding fresh fruit and spices to the mix. It’s time to get a few more bar tools to help with more involved recipes. Include everything from LEVEL 1, plus:

cutting boards utility knives spice grater hand juicer

What Level Is Your Home Bar? Level 3, The Ramos Gin Fizz

At this level, you are shaking and frothing. You’re adding egg whites and bitters to make cocktails you and your guests love most. Include everything from LEVEL 2, plus:

mortar and pestle honey jars cocktail picks cocktail napkins

What Level Is Your Home Bar? Level 4, The Entertainer

At this level, you’re making drinks for more than just you and your spouse and another couple. You’re pre-mixing batch cocktails, so you can spend less time behind the bar and more time catching up with the people you love. Make sure your guests know which drink is theirs with differentiation in picks, napkins or glasses. Check out these items to help you serve up a crowd:

decanters ice buckets bar apron mixing pitcher

Whether your motivation for mixing up a frothy-topped cocktail is purely selfish or you want to treat your family and friends to a top-notch experience, The Dowry will inspire you to create a home bar perfectly suited to your aspirations and appetites.

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